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Black Girl Workouts was created by five Black women to help motivate, connect, and inspire other Black women through working out and maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle physically, spiritually, and mentally. We are on a mission to improve health and wellness amongst Black women and within the Black community while promoting diversity and inclusivity in the wellness industry. By sharing our learned knowledge and health and wellness resources, we hope to inspire to conquer your goals live your best healthy life.


“For me, fitness has been a way to take my life back. It has given me more confidence, strength, mental clarity, helped with any anxieties, and made me feel better about myself overall. BGW has given me the ability to show other black women the power of fitness, it’s benefits, and all the good it can bring into your life.”

Darian Swain
Ashley Scurlock


“Working out has always given my solstice. Growing up my mom was always super active and would bring me along to the gym with her. Eventually it just caught on for me. I love a good cardio session where I can just let the troubles of my day go. That’s why I enjoy being apart of the BGW team; we’re not pushing women to drink detox teas and workout 100 hours a week. We just motivate women to be happy and healthy in their own skin.”


“Lifting usually ends up being my favorite part of the day. I especially love lifting in the morning becauseI feel more in control of my day and my mental. Post workout, I get a rush of happiness and just pride because I tackled another workout that will help me reach my goals of becoming a healthier me.”

Madison Williams


“Fitness and living a healthy lifestyle are extremely important to me because in order to serve others you must be your best self first and foremost. Working out is taking care of yourself and making sure your mind and body are at their greatest. It also feels great to know that you yourself can be in charge of your health and your strength.”

Sabrina Simpson


“I started doing yoga at at an early age and quickly realized the impact that health and wellness had on the body. I believe true wellness is attained when both the mind and body are in alignment together. BGW is all about this, motivating women to embrace their authentic selves and live a happy and healthy lifestyle.   “

Myanna Kelly
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