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My Top 5 Tips for First Timers in the Gym By: Darian Swain

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

I know gyms can be extremely intimidating for so many people but joining a gym is a great way to start living a more active and healthy lifestyle or even kickstart weight loss if that is your goal. I personally still feel a little anxious to this day if my gym is a little too crowded so I completely understand any anxieties and reservations you may have. If you have yet to join a gym or need help choosing a gym family be on the lookout for my upcoming things to consider when choosing a gym article.

Let me say first that you do not need to join a gym to be healthy or lose weight but if you are one of those people that operates better with structure and a schedule joining a gym might just be for you.


Seriously just sign up, show up, and START. Getting there is the hardest part so once you finally take the initiative that's when the real work begins!

2. Take advantage of free classes

One of the best things about joining a gym is that many of them offer free classes included in your membership fee. These classes can include yoga, HIIT, strength and endurance, weight training, water fitness, cycle, and many unique classes that may be exclusive to your gym. Don’t be afraid to ask about these classes after all that’s what they are there for. Plus, you already pay for them so why not attend. Many of these classes also give you exercise ideas and workouts that you can mimic on your own time in the weight room once you get the hang of them.

3. Remember that no one is worried about you

This is a big one. Many of the issues that people face surrounding going to the gym derive from being self conscious. We are always constantly worried about the next person. Whether or not they may be looking at you, judging you, staring at you, etc. Majority of the people you see at the gym are there to complete their workout and strive to become the best versions of themselves and I doubt that includes mentally critiquing someone they don’t even know. And if you do find that rare person that actually is doing all the things you’re worried about, fuck them. Clearly they have other issues they need to work on.

4. Download Fitness Apps

Yes, you read that right utilize your fitness apps. Try not to waste your time paying a ton of money because there are so many apps that you can download that can give you 15 minute HIIT workouts and numerous body weight workouts FOR FREE. A few of my favorite fitness apps are "Pacer" to track your steps, the Nike Training Club, and "HIIT" which will allow you to choose your workout, give you a demonstration, and even time it for you!! Literally all you have to do is watch it and replicate it.

5. Have a plan/Plan ahead

Try to do your best not to go into the gym completely unprepared especially if you are just starting out.

That's it sis, now its up to you to get out there, get started, and utilize these tips!

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