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5 Tips to Combat Stress, Anxiety and Fears By: Evageline DeonJaylese

Dear Diary…

As fifth grade as it may sound, it helps. When you experience stress, anxiety or fear, your mind is running at lightning speed with mountains of worries. Getting these thoughts out will not only clear up some brain clutter, but you will also see the situation through clearly. When in doubt, write it down, follow it up with how it makes you feel, and of course, find a solution!

"Don’t medicate, Meditate" -J. Cole

When is the last time you sat still, focused on your breathing, cleared your mind, and brought your attention back to the present moment? Mindful meditation can bring you from 100 back to 0 real quick! It helps release tension, making you more relaxed and slow down your heart rate. Sit, breath, let go, and re-center!


Girl, if you don’t release those endorphins! When you exercise, your body releases a chemical that pretty much gives you positive vibes and it even blocks pain. These are the same chemicals you release when you laugh and during sex, so whey not let your body work for you while you work for your body!


Use those smell good oils to feel good! Essential oils are full of benefits, It can go on for days, but you can find the right ones for the right or even the wrong situations. Get an oil diffuser and introduce yourself to a new life.

Anxiety & Stress: Lavender, Valerian, Jasmine, Bergamot, Chamomile, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense.

Say no to the ‘comfort zone’

If you are in a comfort zone, honey… get to walking, matter of fact, run! Every time you get out of your comfort zone and try something new, things become less fearful. After all, fear is an illusion. At lease once a week, make it a habit to try something new, something you may fear, it can be small or you can go all in!

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