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How to Heal your Heart and Move On

Authentically Observe and Honor Your Feelings

It happened, and it was REAL. However, don't dwell on it because that is not your truth. It's time to DECIDE to let go of your “story”.

Don't blame yourself or anyone else for your life from this point on. Refrain from seeing yourself as a victim because you are not one. Haboring negative feelings regarding the past will only cause YOU harm.

Because they (whomever they may be) have moved on. Don't hold onto the pain, because they have let it go, so why can't you?

You are cheating yourself out of a good life.

Understand that;

It's not the actual events that took place that are creating your pain, but a story that you have been holding onto which is draining you and creating so much pain in your life; filling you with so much resentment and anger that you are unable to focus or benefit from anything remotely good that comes along.

Once you naturally get to a point where you are able to be open with your story and can outwardly observe it, IT IS THEN that you can release that story and fully let it go.

The next step is to cleanse;

Now that we have released that story,

Forgiveness is an essential step in this healing process. This could mean forgiveness of yourself, or forgiveness of people who have wronged you. By forgiving, in no way are you saying it was okay. What happened was not okay. You are simply forgiving for you and to release yourself of that burden.

Say to yourself, “Even though these things happened, I am no longer willing to hold on to that pain. I deserve to be happy and to thrive despite of what I've gone through”

It’s an ACTIVE decision that you make.

The decision not to let your past define you, determine who you are as a person, and who you will become. This is where your freedom lies. This is how you can set your heart free.

After cleansing, you are purifying;

Purify your life by releasing relationships that influence that old pattern and your old story. You don't want any parts of that anymore. Let go of all behaviors that do not correlate with the new life that you are manifesting and want to live. It's time to promote positive actions, positive behaviors, and positive relationships.

What you’re essentially doing is creating a new foundation. You need to have solid ground to stand on.

Once you have cleansed and purified, you have now created space.

This space is necessary in order to,

Recode your Consciousness

All this time, you've been so used to believing certain things about yourself, certain situations, and even other people. It's time to change the narrative, and rewrite your life. The truth is, your book isn't finished. You can't go back and rewrite certain pages, but you can fill the rest of them in the way you feel it should be written.

Prayer or Affirmations

One way that you can begin to recode and change this way of thinking is through prayer and affirmations;

There is persistance in prayer. Prayer allows you to lay aside all hinderances and focus on what matters and what is important.

If prayer is not for you try out some affirmations;

You can affirm to yourself and to the universe

"I am writing my new story"

"I am worthy of my new self respect"

"I will demonstrate and live from my own self love"

"I expect this in all of my experiences"

Step into your power, and command these things from your life and yourself.


Don't fall back into that unhealthy pattern and have to do the work all over again. Honor yourself and take care of yourself. Treat yourself well and your life will begin to reflect that same treatment. Treat your mind well, your body well, your stuff well, just TAKE CARE.

By taking these steps and coming into alignment you will now attract people, relationships, and opportunities that will begin to reflect who you really are.

This process can take time and there are many factors that can influence how much time it can take, but know that you are not doing this alone. Your personal journey and doing the work will also empower and uplift other people.

My current personal mantra is "I am grateful for the life that I live and understand that my abundance will manifest with divine timing." Through this mantra I am reminding myself daily to be gracious because nothing is promised, and also not to rush because everything will happen as it should. In this time, I will continue to grow and come into who i am in order to better receive what is to come.

Health is Wealth,

xo Darian

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