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My 5 Top Tips for Drinking More Water By: Myanna Kelly

We've all heard the countless phrase...

"Drink more water"

but the biggest question a lot of people have who typically do not consume enough water is…HOW

I'm a flight attendant so I am always on the go and traveling most of the month. Once I started my new job I found out QUICKLY how essential water was while flying. The low humidity on planes mean that moisture evaporates from the body quickly, which leads to dehydration. I was stressed because I never was one who drank a ton of water daily. Growing up in sports I always opted for a Gatorade or Powerade, and I maybe would throw in a bottle of water here or there but water was really never my first choice.

So I decided that I wanted (needed lol) to make more of a conscious effort to consume more water daily. I started making small changes everyday and overtime I started to notice a COMPLETE difference in my body. So here's a couple tips on how I started to incorporate more water into my diet!

1. Keep a reusable water bottle on you!

This is a huge KEY to incorporating more water into your diet (hence why its number one). Not only are reusable water bottles great for the environment they make sure you always have water on you. One of the easiest ways to drink more water is to sip on it gradually throughout the day. It is sooooo much easier to do this if you have a water bottle by your side at all times. I usually will fill mine up in the morning and will refill it throughout the day.

2. Start your mornings with a cup hot water and lemon

Starting your mornings with a cup of hot water and lemon is a fire way to wake your up body with some hydration. Lemon water has been known to improve your digestion, boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, AND most importantly hydrate your body. I typically drink this when I first wakeup followed by a cup of coffee while I am eating breakfast.

3. Add your favorite fruits to your water for extra flavor

Fruit infused water is my absolute favorite, not only does it look cute but it adds some extra flavor. You could also throw a couple herbs in as well for even more added flavor! Herbs and fresh fruit adds minerals and nutrients to your water as well increasing the nutritional benefits.

4. Drink a glass of water before every meal!

While you are preparing your lunch and dinner, drink a cup of water. It is so easy to just incorporate this into your daily routine with no problem! I always drink a full cup of water before and after every meal. I also sip on my water throughout my meal, this also has stopped me from overeating!

Overall once I started incorporating these tips into my own daily routine I definitely saw a change in my body from my energy to my acne. I also was very prone to headaches and now I notice I barely even get them anymore. I think it was due to my body being so dehydrated. So what are you waiting for sis? Go buy your reusable water bottle and get to sipping!

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