Rest Day the Right Way By: Madison Williams

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Hey Queen, we wanted to provide you with some insight on what rest day could look like and explain the importance of giving your body a break after going hard in the gym!


Stretching does so many incredible things to help you: enhances your range of motion, decreases stress, reduces risk of injury, improves blood flow and circulation, and improves your muscular function! For me, I became really lazy with my stretching after organized sports ceased in my life. I would half ass a short stretch and be confused the next day as to why I was so tight! Since I am now being more intentional with my health and this process I have been using our yoga posts from Sunday and some youtube videos to guide me. It has been such a game changer. The tightness in my body has decreased so much just by being more frequent with my deep stretching! If you're like me and struggle with knowing how to stretch, I highly recommend saving the posts from Sunday in a "Collection" on instagram and trying it out.

Relax + Decompress

We all need to take time to just sit and enjoy the day. Constantly running around all week and possibly all weekend, you owe it to yourself to to put that phone on DND and enjoy some YOU time. Getting in sync with your body and reflecting will better prepare you for the upcoming week. We always call it Self Care Sunday, but you can take time for yourself any day sis.

Here are some things you can do, for YOU:

  • write (literally anything)

  • meditate

  • meal prep

  • prepare for the week- what's on the agenda?

  • listen to music

  • create- art, music, poetry, fashion

  • take a bath

  • deep condition your hair (cause we know that's the day right there LOL)

  • watch your favorite movie

  • chill day with friends- no one said you HAD to be alone!

  • go on a walk

  • whatever makes you happy

Meal Prepping + Trying New Recipes

I don't know about y'all, but I love to try new recipes- especially when I'm in a funk. We've added a lot of new recipes to our blog from our fellow creative influencers and I am so excite to try them!

Meal prepping is so clutch! I love having a meal already prepared when I'm too busy to chef something up during the week. Taking a few hours (or more) to cook is extremely relaxing for me because I have total control of everything that is going on. Another perk in my opinion is that you are too occupied to worry about anything else during this time. You are truly in the moment creating whatever recipe you've chosen.

I just made the Shrimp Tacos and sis.... whew! Make them ASAP.

Trying new recipes is so exciting to me because it's super easy getting stuck cooking your go to's. And when it turns out really good?! I show everyone in my contact list the magic I had just created.

Here are some of the influencers I get my new recipe's from:

They all have their own style of cooking and you honestly couldn't go wrong with any of their recipes!

Sis, just remember to take care of your body and give her a break. Listening to her and actually giving yourself time to recoup and reflect will be the best thing you do all week. If you have any suggestions for our lovely community on how you take time on your rest day please feel free to share in the comments below.

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