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SO I TRIED a 3-day Juice Fast By: Darian Swain

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

So, before we even get to my experience and results let me just explain what a juice fast is and why I chose to attempt one. Juice fasting is a type of fast where a person consumes only fruit and vegetable juices and abstains from eating all other solid foods. There are many physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits of juice fasting which can include liver repair, improved energy, detoxification, and of course weight loss. I considered doing juice fasts in the past my only issue consisted of how expensive they were. For example, an 8-ounce juice at your local krogucci juicery is around 8 or 9 dollars. Let’s say you want to do a 3-day juice fast and drink 4-5 juices each day. So that’s

8 x 4 = 32 x 3 = 96

(and even more if you plan to drink more than that four per day)

All in all it equates to a rough estimate of 96 dollars for three days and I’m surely not spending basically 100 dollars on juice alone, would you? If you still would I salute you and your persistence but honestly with that rate you’re better off doing your research, purchasing a nice juicer and doing the work your damn self. That being said I was never interested in paying that much but fast forward to last week when I actually found a friend who offered to juice for me for one fourth of that cost. She made me two juices one with a cucumber base and one with a celery base.

So, before I started the fast I put myself in the headspace that I was going to complete it and I was going to do it for me and as a test to myself and my willpower. We are conditioned to eat so often (and way too much in my opinion) so I knew it would be challenging but I was willing to put in the work.

DAY 1: The first day of my fast was Sunday. I woke up early and went to the gym in a fasted state. My workout went very well and I consumed my first juice when I got back home at around 10:30 am. I drank about an 8-ounce glass of juice consisting of cucumber, celery, apple, lemon. Which I have to say was pretty good in my opinion. I drank one more glass at around four and another around nine o’clock. Surprisingly, I was never really hungry I just drank the juice when I wanted “something”. You know when you open the fridge because you want “something” but you’re not actually hungry? Yea, that’s when I drank it. In between my juices I had water and I also had a cup of coffee or tea when I wanted something else. I’m not sure that is allowed in the juice fasting rulebook but I did it, oh well. I was up until around 12:30 am writing and didn’t feel too bad or any have hunger pains so day one went pretty well.

DAY 2: I only had about two 8-ounces cups of juice this day. I decided to only drink it if I felt a craving or if I felt like my body needed it but I wasn’t going to subject myself to drinking at a specific time each day regardless if I wanted the juice or not. Again, day two was not bad but I didn't have much energy to make it to the gym/

DAY 3: I have to admit day three was not that great. I ended up making phad thai for my entire family and It smelled so good but I wasn’t hungry at all so I was able to pull through. It wasn’t until late at night where I had an extremely tough time. I couldn’t sleep I put my phone up and everything and was just lying there awake, I didn’t even end up going to sleep until about 5 am but after I did finally manage to fall asleep it was a pretty sound sleep. Overall, I feel like this 3 day fast was a good testament to my will power and to the control I have over myself.

I feel like we are conditioned to eat so often, think and plan out our next meals, and attend social events and gatherings, that our lives have begun to center too much around food. For some it’s become an unhealthy band-aid for issues therefore it’s hard to imagine going days without it. The truth is the human body is built for both feast and famine. You won’t whither away from going without food for a day or too. In fact you may even give your body time to rest, heal, and repair itself from all you put it through each day.

If you are thinking of attempting a juice fast here are a couple things I want you to consider beforehand:

1. What is your real reason for attempting this fast?

Are you doing this for your health and mindfulness or to lose weight? If you didn't catch it sis the reason should be the first one.

2. Is this feasible for me right now?

I personally would choose a week or weekend where you are not super busy and do not have to exert as much energy.

3. How is my attitude at this current moment?

Fasting is really an all mental thing. You have to go into this fast with the right mindset and be completely dedicated to your overall goal.

Overall, I really enjoyed this fast mainly because it was amazing to see what i can accomplish once I fully set my intentions on something. What I learned from the fast is that my body goes though so much everyday it's completely okay if i give it a small break in the digestion department. If someone was so ask me after the fast if i would recommend them attempting one this is what I would tell them;

I noticed that it improved my mental clarity, gave me more time in a given day (didn't have to plan out meals), it's convenient, and when i started eating solid foods again I wasn't as reliant on them plus i craved healthier foods.

I ALSO ended up buying a juicer! Stay tuned for my upcoming recipe on my absolute favorite juice, it sooooooo good.

So yes Sis, I recommend it. Let me know in the comments if you try it out or if you already juice what your favorite one is i'd love to try it out!

(I don't do beets or carrots though LOL)

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