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So I Tried Intermittent Fasting By: Sabrina Simpson

So I tried intermittent fasting for about a month and let me just start by saying


Intermittent fasting is sounds complex but it’s actually very simple. All it is, is a meal timing schedule where you only eat during a certain time period. There are many different time cuts for intermittent fasting but the one I did was the 16:8 cut, also the most common that is practiced. This means I fasted for 16 hours and ate for 8 hours of the day. Sounds scary I know but basically all you have to do is not eat after dinner and just skip breakfast. For example, I stopped eating at 8pm and I wouldn’t eat again until 12pm the next day. Most of that time you’re sleeping anyway so it doesn’t feel like you’re starving yourself.

Here’s how I did it

I ate 2 big meals and snacks between my meals. At 12pm, I would just be getting back from the gym so I would make myself a big late breakfast (like a breakfast sandwich and oatmeal with fruit) or I would make lunch (a huge salad with a side of soup or half a sandwich). Then, I would snack on veggies, granola bars and fruits throughout the day and for dinner I would make a protein and carb rich meal. I’d also have something sweet like halo ice cream for dessert...hehe

After my eating period was up I would drink a lot of fluids, I would have at least 2 glasses of water and make a great big cup of tea before bed. The water and tea truly kept my body feeling satisfied.


In the morning, I’d go to the gym by 9 or 10am and get my fasted cardio in. Ironically doing cardio on an empty stomach made me feel WAY BETTER and I had so much energy! Also, you can consume up to 50 calories without breaking your fast so I would drink a cup of coffee or pre workout before hitting the gym and I felt great! 

I used the app “Zero” to track my fasting period. This helped me keep track of when of my fasting time so I didn’t have to worry about looking at the time when I took my last night at 8pm. All I had to do was press “start fast” and the app will let you know when it’s time for you to eat again.


  • I was no longer feeling “dependent” on food.

My big meals kept me full for a long time and after my eating period was up my body had no desire to eat, I was fully satisfied. 

I felt way more energized. Your body needs time to digest and reset for the next day, giving your body those 16 hours to recoup does wonders and you’ll never feel bloated or sluggish again. 

  • I didn’t have to worry about making a million meals in the day.

Food became more simple and easy to handle, I’d just make my two meals and I’d be set. Now I could spend more time being productive throughout the day rather than stuffing my face all day LOL.

Shredded fat but still kept my muscle. Since I was fasting until 12pm I was able to do cardio fasted which is great for burning fat because instead of using energy from food your body uses the energy stored in your fat to keep you going during your morning run or HIIT workout. 

  • And most importantly, you can EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT.

If you want to lose weight but the “dieting” part is holding you back, switching to intermittent fasting Is for you because you can really eat whatever you want. During that 16 hour fast, your body will have time to digest and reset regardless of what you eat. However, I’m not saying eat junk food all day, you still want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Cons of Intermittent Fasting:

The only reason I stopped intermittent fasting was because my work schedule hindered my ability to eat all my meals before 8pm and I haven’t quite figured out a different fasting/feeding period yet. However when I do figure out how to manage it,

I will definitely be going back to intermittent fasting!

Going out to dinner or going out on weekends with friends is tricky… who drinks tequila before 8pm? If I wanted to go out with friends I’d have to figure out a way around my eating schedule and that was annoying at times. Most times I ended up just taking a break for that day and getting back on track the next day.

So overall, I tried it and I loved it!! Do some research, give it a try, and I swear you’ll never want to go back to your usual schedule!

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