The Power of Protein

Hey Sis, Lets talk about Protein!

Protein is a macronutrient that allows our cells need to function properly and is ESSENTIAL to building muscle mass. It makes up about 15 percent of a person's body weight and It is important that each day you are consuming enough protein through dietary sources or both dietary sources and supplements aides.

Before we get into this... I want you to think about how much protein you consume in a given day. Now, ask yourself if you think the amount of protein you are consuming is conducive to the lifestyle change you are embarking on. It's recently come to my attention that a lot of people aren't being aware of how much protein they are taking in- this is important due to the fact that protein provides so much to our health and overall wellbeing.

As we know,

Protein is 1 of 3 macronutrients we consume; the others being carbs and fat.

Protein is the MOST satiating of the three- meaning it suppresses hunger the most because it gives the feelings of fullness! This is definitely key when planning healthy meals throughout the week: being/feeling full reduces the urges of pointless snacking!

How do I know how much protein I'm supposed to be consuming each day?

A great question. There are several ways to figure out how much you need to keep your body happy and healthy. You can either go to the gym and ask for a DEXA scan which basically tells you everything: BMI, weight, water composition, fat mass, protein and more. Typically, the trainer will sit down with you and explain EVERYTHING which is super helpful! Another way is to calculate it yourself and I'll gladly provide you the lovely equation-

FIRST, you have to convert your weight from pounds to kilograms divide your weight by 2.2, THEN, you multiply this number by 2 to get the amount of protein you should be consuming.

  • ex: 154lbs / 2.2 = 70kg x 2 = 140 grams of protein, yay!

Protein is essential in BUILDING MUSCLE!

Now that you know how to calculate how much protein your body needs- the protein will assist your body in not only developing the muscle but sustaining it as well!


As stated before, calculating the amount of protein your body needs will honestly do wonders for you! When you're not consuming enough protein and working out you are truly draining your bodies energy- that's the reason you've been feeling sluggish.. not because it was this bomb workout! You need to replenish yourself and get the right amount of protein in to help YOU thrive throughout the day!


When I say protein is the brains power food, I'm not lying! Since protein is made up of amino acid- it allows the mind to stay focused! Think about it- your muscles need protein to grow and sustain the growth.. SO DOES YOUR BRAIN!

It is crucial that you are treating your mind and body kindly by being conscious of your diet and exercise levels. Yes, there are other factors that go into your health and overall wellbeing, but for the sake of this passage let's be mindful of protein intake and how it is essential to everyday living.

a little food for thought,

Madison Williams

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